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Running and Filtering Tests with the .NET Core Command Line Test Runner In a previous article we saw how to use Visual Studio’s Test Explorer to filter and run subset Type: Post
Pretty Method Display in One little-known feature of the testing framework is the ability to write test method name Type: Post
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Quick-Start Guide To Using xUnit To Test Your Windows 8 WinRT Store app "Until xUnit officially supports* Windows store apps you can get xUnit working with your WinRT app by doing the following: In Visual Studio 2012, go to Tools menu, Extensions and Updates; search for an ..." Type: Post
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Creating Inline Data Driven Tests in xUnit allows the creation of data-driven tests. These kind of tests get their test data from out Type: Post
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Asserting the Results of Tests in The below is an excerpt from the latest chapter “An Introduction to Unit Testing With Type: Post
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Getting Started Testing .NET Core Code with is a testing framework that can be used to write automated tests for .NET (full) framework Type: Post
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Running Tests on Specific Threads for WPF and Other UI Tests Sometimes when you write a test with (or other testing frameworks) you may run into proble Type: Post
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Learning xUnit .NET Unit Testing the Easy Way If you’re getting started with .NET or you’ve done some testing but want to know how to Type: Post
Tags : testing, profession, personal development, .net, 2 Cheat Sheet To compliment the release of my Testing .NET Code with 2 Pluralsight course, I’ve up Type: Post
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New Pluralsight Course: The Testing Framework My latest Pluralsight course on the testing framework has just been released. Course Descr Type: Post
Tags : xunit, .net, c#, pluralsight courses, testing, tdd, quality, autofixture, automocking Cheat Sheet "To help people get started with and as an accompaniment to my  Pluralsight training course I thought I’d create a cheat sheet showing common assert methods and attributes. Hop ..." Type: Post
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Testing for Thrown Exceptions in When writing tests it is sometimes useful to check that the correct exceptions are thrown at the exp Type: Post
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Diagnosing Failing Tests More Easily and Improving Test Code Readability Sometimes the assertions that come bundled with a testing framework are suboptimal in that they do n Type: Post
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An Update on Keeping Software Soft "I’m writing my first ever book calling Keeping Software Soft. I just published 3 new chapters: Technical Debt Software Craftsmanship, Professionalism, and Personal Development What Programmers Want a ..." Type: Post
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Testing ASP.NET Core MVC Controllers: Getting Started When writing ASP.NET Core MVC web applications, you may want to test that controller actions behave Type: Post
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Azure Functions Continuous Deployment with Azure Pipelines: Part 5 - Adding Unit Tests This is the fifth part in a series demonstrating how to setup continuous deployment of an Azure Func Type: Post
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Free .NET Testing Courses This Month This month all my Pluralsight courses are available for free including a lot of .NET testing content Type: Post
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New Pluralsight Course - Better .NET Unit Tests with AutoFixture My new Pluralsight testing course was just released: Better .NET Unit Tests with AutoFixture: Get St Type: Post
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Grouping and Filtering Tests in Visual Studio Test Explorer One way to run automated tests is to use Visual Studio’s Test Explorer. Test Explorer can be f Type: Post
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In Process Http Server for Integration Test Faking with Owin, Katana, and WebAPI "Sometimes when integration testing we need an HTTP endpoint. We can set one up in our solution (for example a Web Api project) and make sure it’s running before we execute our integration tests but it ..." Type: Post
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