New Pluralsight Course - Better .NET Unit Tests with AutoFixture

My new Pluralsight testing course was just released: Better .NET Unit Tests with AutoFixture: Get Started.

AutoFixture is an open source library that allows the simplification of automated .NET tests. It allows for the creation of “anonymous” test data. This is data that is required for the test to execute, but where the exact values are unimportant.

AutoFixture is not dependent upon any specific testing framework, so can be used with, NUnit, MSTest, etc. There are some additional extensions for specific testing frameworks such as that allow further reductions in unit test setup code.

For more info check out the GitHub site or the Pluralsight course.

If you like AutoFixture be sure to give open source thanks to Mark Seemann.

If you want to fill in the gaps in your C# knowledge be sure to check out my C# Tips and Traps training course from Pluralsight – get started with a free trial.


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