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Testing ASP.NET Core Controllers in Isolation with Mock Objects and Moq In previous posts we saw how to get started testing ASP.NET Core MVC controllers and also how to use Type: Post
Tags : testing, .net core,, core, mocking
Mocking in .NET Core Tests with Moq When writing automated tests it is sometimes useful to isolate the thing(s) being tested from other Type: Post
Tags : testing, .net, .net core, mocking
Setting Up Mock ref Return Values in Moq I recently received a message related to my Mocking in .NET Core Unit Tests with Moq: Getting Starte Type: Post
Tags : mocking, testing, qa,
Getting Started with MoqaLate Mocking in Windows Store Apps "Just knocked up this quick and dirty video explaining how to set up MoqaLate in a Windows Store app solution. You can find out more about MoqaLate on the MoqaLate project home page." Type: Post
Tags : windows 8 apps, windows 8, winrt, testing, tdd, moqalate
Mocking Framework for Windows Store apps (and Windows Phone) "With Windows Store apps there are challenges getting traditional mocking frameworks such as Rhino and Moq working due to limited reflection support in the platform (presumably for security reasons). I ..." Type: Post
Tags : tdd, windows 8, windows 8 apps, winrt, mocking, testing
Azure Functions Continuous Deployment with Azure Pipelines: Part 5 - Adding Unit Tests This is the fifth part in a series demonstrating how to setup continuous deployment of an Azure Func Type: Post
Tags : funcpipeseries, azure, azuredevops, azure functions, c#
Free .NET Testing Courses This Month This month all my Pluralsight courses are available for free including a lot of .NET testing content Type: Post
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Mocking HttpRequest Body Content When Testing Azure Function HTTP Trigger Functions When creating Azure Functions that are triggered by an HTTP request, you may want to write unit test Type: Post
Tags : testing,, mocking, azure functions
Introducing (probably) The World's Only Mocking Framework for Windows Phone 7 (WP7) "Introducing MoqaLate Whilst I love developing apps for Windows Phone 7, the testing aspect is hard! I'm a TDD-er by default and it's such a pain to have to hand roll my own mock objects. ..." Type: Post
Tags : windows phone 7, wp7, c#, testing, tdd, mocking, moqalate
Mocking with FeatureToggle "I was asked a question on Twitter so I thought I’d write it up here. When using the FeatureToggle library you may have some some code that behaves differently if a toggle is enabled. When writing a te ..." Type: Post
Tags : mocking, testing, featuretoggle, c#
You Can Watch All My Pluralsight Training Videos for Free This April "No credit card needed, sign up for free now and start watching all my Pluralsight training courses for free. Some suggestions: C# C# Attributes: Power and Flexibility for Your Code Working with Nul ..." Type: Post
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Writing Azure Functions with Function Monkey: Dependency Injection "In my continued exploration/experimentation with Function Monkey I thought I’d look at how easy/hard it is to inject dependencies into handlers. Previous articles: Creating Azure Functions with Functi ..." Type: Post
Tags : azure, azure functions, serverless, .net, C#
Learning xUnit .NET Unit Testing the Easy Way If you’re getting started with .NET or you’ve done some testing but want to know how to Type: Post
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Testing ASP.NET Core MVC Controllers: Getting Started When writing ASP.NET Core MVC web applications, you may want to test that controller actions behave Type: Post
Tags : testing, .net core,, core
Februaries Windows 7 Phone Roundup " "The Windows Phone SDK 7.1.1 Update – CTP provides a new 256 MB device emulator image and an updated 512 MB emulator, ..." Type: Post
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