Thunder (beta)

I've been working on a Silverlight 3 drum machine/sequencer called Thunder, the first (beta) version is now available at:


It's a fully working version but the code base requires some re-factoring. Playback smoothness varies depending on the machine specs and how many instruments are playing at the same time.

Future improvements include the addition of more than 2 drum kits, the ability to use your own drum samples and attempting to improve the performance (although this seems to be limited by having to use a MediaElement to play a stream rather than an immediate .Play() method - hopefully in Silverlight 4 a lower latency sound playback mechanism will be introduced).


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  • Daniel Martinez

    12/22/2009 4:21:55 AM | Reply

    I thought this was pretty cool, I would like to see a Silverlight drum machine that can function with some analog-like capabilities such as the Roland 808 or 909.

  • Jason

    1/12/2010 4:39:28 AM | Reply

    Thanks Daniel, I'm looking forward to Silverlight 4 with it's advertised perf increases. I'd like to expand Thunder then to allow extra features like loading your own samples, a 'swing' quantise setting and maybe some effects (delay, etc.) though I'll have to learn a bit about sound synthesis first!

  • Clayton Hathaway

    3/27/2010 9:20:01 AM | Reply

    This is a good piece, I was wondering if I could use this piece on my website, I will link it back to your website though. If this is a problem please let me know and I will take it down right away.

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