Notification Window "toast" in Silverlight 4

To create "toast" notifications (small popup messages that appear at the bottom right on Windows) the NotificationWindow class can be used.

NotificationWindow will only work in out-of-browser mode, if you try to show a notification when running in-browser a System.InvalidOperationException is thrown.

The default size of the toast is 400 x 100, the size can be altered by setting NotificationWindow's Width & Height, but the max size is 400 x 100;

Example 1 - Creating Some Simple Content

The code below shows a notification that contains a  TextBlock with the text "hello" and show it for 2 seconds:

var toast = new NotificationWindow();

// Create some content to show
var tb = new TextBlock();
tb.Text = "hello";

// Set content of the toast before we show it
toast.Content = tb;

// Show notification for 2 seconds

Example 2 - Using a UserControl as Content

This example shows how a UserControl defined elsewhere in XAML can be used as the content of the notification:

var toast = new NotificationWindow();

// Create an instance of a UserControl called SampleToast
// that is defined in XAML
var toastContent = new SampleToast();

// Set the content of the notification window to that of the UserControl
toast.Content = toastContent;

// Optionally set size to be different from the
// default of 400 x 100
toast.Width = 200;
toast.Height = 50;

// Show notification for 2 seconds




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