SilverKeys is Live

The first version of my Silverlight scale\chord finder is complete, it can be found at

I'd like to improve the UX around the scale degrees, perhaps a circle of scale degrees...(I also have some TODO:s to do around refactoring)

I'll be posting source eventually in addition to an explanation of some of the more interesting elements..


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  • bsh

    4/7/2009 11:52:15 PM | Reply

    Very nice stuff, I remember when I was writing similiar stuff to MS DOS years ago ;)

    Can you supply the keys functionality? for example when I press "1" keyboard plays CM, "3" Em from current scale? or even more to use the keyboard keys to play single sounds (A - C, W - C#, S - D, and so on)? That could give more fun to the user ;)

  • Jason

    4/16/2009 1:47:28 AM | Reply

    Thanks... I think that would be a really fun thing to do (and useful). I'd also like to add a switch to be able to change the sounds: a 'real' piano, strings, etc. Another thing for the to do list is to add a basic chord sequencer.


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