SilverKeys Part 3

The UI (or should I say UX now?) is 90% complete (for this iteration that is) as the image below shows. There are a few bug fixes left to complete, plus I'd like to to some moderate re-factoring of both the 'business' logic and the XAML.

I'll post some of the more interesting aspects of the project in later posts and either make the source available from here or I might look at uploading to Codeplex et al so  others can go ahead and take it forward if it's found to be interesting. There also be a 'live' version available. I'll be using it personally to try out different keys & progressions for future compositions.



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  • Jason

    2/28/2010 6:38:16 PM | Reply

    Hi Gordon, love that you have all those exotic scales Smile Was thinking about added some of them to SilverKeys at some point. I struggled a little teaching myself music theory so would need to work out the best ways of organising it all!!

    ps. When you come to add sound, I used multiple MediaElement (one for each note of the chord), the easiest way is to set MediaElement.AutoPlay to true, then every time your change the source the sample will play automatically.

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