New Pluralsight Course: Implementing Logging and Dependency Injection in Akka.NET

If you’ve already watched my Akka.NET fundamentals Pluralsight course and want to learn more about using DI and logging, check out my new Implementing Logging and Dependency Injection in Akka.NET course.

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Course Description

Akka.NET makes building concurrent and distributed applications easier. As with other architectures, Akka.NET based systems need effective logging for the monitoring and diagnosing of systems when deployed to production. Just because we use Akka.NET to get the benefits of the Actor Model, it doesn’t mean that best practices for object construction and dependencies such as dependency injection should be ignored. By the end of the course, you’ll understand how to implement effective logging in your Akka.NET system and how to use dependency injection to ensure the services your actors depend on are still provided in a loosely coupled and configurable way.


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  • Michal Brndiar

    9/2/2015 1:37:57 PM | Reply

    Hello Jason,

    your courses on Pluralsight are of great value to us all developers and I have to thank you for introducing me (and explaining in detail of course) concepts of structural logging (Serilog, Seq), AOP (Fody and IL weaving, although I like PostSharp more Smile), feature toggling and many others.
    Recently I've dived into concepts of Akka.NET framework and I really enjoy your 2 courses. Can I ask if you plan making any other courses about Akka.NET (Akka.Persistence and Akka.Cluster)? Also course about transfering usual concepts and patterns from "typicall" development to "actor-type" development covering whole process (modeling entities, creating repositories, dependency management, deployment and using some presentation framework (like ASP.NET MVC for example)) would be really great. Do you have any plans to further "enlighten" Akka.NET to us?

    Best Regards,
    Michal Brndiar

  • Jan Thonemann

    8/6/2016 10:00:10 PM | Reply

    Hi Jason,

    could you please provide a download linke to the demo source code you are using in the course at the beginning? I watched your first course, but I haven't coded everything exactly as you did in the course Smile

    Thank you

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