Imported posts not appearing in BlogEngine.NET

 If you've used the BlogEngine.NET import tool and your post are not showing you could try the following:

 I recycled the IIS app pool and that seems to have flushed BEs cache.


Importing posts from Blogger into BlogEngine.NET

Just managed to successfully get my posts from Blogger into DCT.

Read a post suggesting using a new temp WordPress blog which can import directly from Blogger. Then export, then use the Import tool in the Settings page of BlogEngine.Net (which launches a ClickOnce app). Although in retrospect I wonder if just pointing the Importer to the Blogger RSS feed might have made the WordPress step unnecessary.

 There is a caveat in that comments are not imported - also did not attempt images\files import.

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After weighing up the options (or at least 2) for a .Net based blogging engine for DCT I've chosen Blogengine.Net over dasBlog. Have to run IIS 7 in Classic Application Pool Pipeline Mode , also there were a few odd behaviors with the settings page outputting C# source and the referrals page not working; then the Month List widget not working.... it now appears to be ok... want to sort a theme and then I've a couple of ideas for some custom widgets.


Dataset designer global:: namespace issues

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encrypt and decrypt app.config in .NET 2.0

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