New RavenDB FeatureToggle

I just published new NuGet package for my open source .NET feature toggling library.

This package allows you to turn features on/off depending on what’s configured in a RavenDB database.

PM> Install-Package FeatureToggle.RavenDB

Extract from documentation:


This toggle is not available on Windows Phone or Windows Store apps.

This toggle get it’s value from a RavenDB database.

Create a Toggle for the feature you want to control by inheriting from BooleanRavenDBFeatureToggle:

private class SaveToPdfFeatureToggle : BooleanRavenDBFeatureToggle{ }

Add RavenDB connection string to app/web config:

    <add name="FeatureToggle.SaveToPdfFeatureToggle" connectionString="Url = http://localhost:8080;database=FeatureToggleInterationTests"/>    

The database should contain a collection called “BooleanToggleSettings” with a document for every toggle that contains a property “Enabled”:

  "Enabled": true

Check out the test setup to see an example of writing some toggle config entries.


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