New Pluralsight Course Update: Working with Nulls in C#

A new version of my Working with Nulls in C# Pluralsight course was just released. This new version features updated demos in .NET 5 & C# 9 plus a brand new module has been added.

The course contains the following modules:

  • Working with Nullable Value Types and Strings
  • Accessing and Checking for Null Values
  • Eliminating Null Reference Exceptions with the Null Object Pattern
  • Understanding Nullable and Non-nullable Reference Types
  • Using Additional Attributes to Describe Nullability

From the course description: “Making use of an object when it is not supposed to be null can result in unexpected exceptions that can cause your program to crash. These unexpected null related errors may cause data loss or corruption, system downtime, and unhappy users. In this course, Working with Nulls in C#, you’ll gain the ability to reduce the likelihood of getting null related exceptions in production. First, you’ll explore which objects can be set to null and how to check for null values. Next, you’ll discover a design pattern to help eliminate null related exceptions. Finally, you’ll learn how to opt-in to the ability to create non-nullable reference types that enable the compiler to detect null-related problems before you even run your application. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge of nulls in C# needed to reduce null related errors in your production code.”

You can start watching with a Pluralsight free trial.


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