New Pluralsight Course: C# Tips and Traps

“Sometimes it's hard to know what you don't know. Short-circuit your learning of C# and level-up your code with this collection of C# and .NET features.” This is the short description from my newest Pluralsight course that just launched called C# Tips and Traps.

As the description suggests, this course is designed to fill in the gaps in your C# knowledge and to highlight ways to improve your code using often little-known or underused features of C# and .NET.

The course is organized thematically into a number of modules but the great thing about it is you can start with any module that interests you and then move on to another one – you could also just watch them sequentially so you don’t miss out on any tips.

The course modules are as follows:

  • String, Character, and Formatting Tips
  • Tips for Working with Numbers and Dates
  • Data Types and Object Tips
  • Tips for Working with Files, Paths, and URIs
  • Organizing and Structuring Classes and Code
  • Compilation Tips
  • Tips for Casting and Conversions
  • Runtime Execution Tips
  • Bonus Tips

At a total of just over 4 hours running time, there is a ton of value in this course and you can even just dip into the next tip whenever you have a spare 5-10 mins, you could even watch one tip/clip per day with breakfast and see if you can use it at work that day!

If you’re looking for a course that you can consume in bite-sized chunks over the coming holidays and fit in a bit of learning around family and holiday activities this is a good candidate.

Hope you enjoy watching it, and don’t forget you can get a Pluralsight free trial to start watching it.

Ps. This course is an update/amalgamation of two older courses: C# Tips and Traps and C# Tips and Traps 2.


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  • vladimir

    3/19/2020 11:05:52 PM | Reply

    Hi Jason! Loved your Fody and Polly courses and always wanted to watch your Tips and Traps...though I'm not sure I understand your PS at the end of the article: If you watch this one, is there any reason left to watch the other 2?  If yes, what parts exactly?

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