Building the Right Thing with TestStack

My newest Pluralsight course was just released today: Building the Right Thing in .NET with TestStack.

TestStack is a suite of tools to help the team build better software.

The super-friendly members of TestStack are:

  • Jake Ginnivan
  • Krzysztof Koźmic
  • Mehdi Khalili
  • Michael Whelan
  • Robert Moore

TestStack consists of the following tools:

  • BDDfy: turn tests into business readable, living documentation
  • Seleno: automated UI web testing with strongly-typed page object models
  • FluentMVCTesting: unit test ASP.NET MVC controllers using fluent syntax
  • White: automated UI testing for Win32 based rich client applications
  • ConventionTests: write tests to check coding conventions are being adhered to

To get started learning the TestStack tools check out the Pluralsight course, the documentation site, or learn how to contribute to the TestStack project.


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