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Three Wins Technique Review - a Simple Productivity Hack to Deliver What Matters I started using the Three Wins Technique about five years ago. It has proven to be a simple techniqu Type: Post
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What are Your 3 Wins for 2014? "The idea of "the power of three" is a universal concept; it can be seen anywhere from religion (The Holy Trinity, Triquetra, etc.) to childhood learning ("ABC", "123") to entertainment (The Three Musk ..." Type: Post
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Winning in 2016 "As the year 2015 starts its last slide into 2016, it’s the time of year that I start to think about what my 3 Wins are going to be for next year. If you’re not familiar with the 3 Wins concept, it’s s ..." Type: Post
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Painless .NET Windows Service Creation with Topshelf "Windows Services allow us to run code in the background, without needing (for example) a console application running continually. Windows Services can run as various system users or specific local/dom ..." Type: Post
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Using Server Side Timers and SignalR in ASP.NET MVC Applications "I thought it would be fun to create an “Internet uptime” page that you can see live here on Azure Websites. It shows how long the Internet (since ARPANET) has been around for. Creating a Class that c ..." Type: Post
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In Process Http Server for Integration Test Faking with Owin, Katana, and WebAPI "Sometimes when integration testing we need an HTTP endpoint. We can set one up in our solution (for example a Web Api project) and make sure it’s running before we execute our integration tests but it ..." Type: Post
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