FeatureToggle 1.1.0 Released

FeatureToggle 1.1.0 includes a new EnabledBetweenDatesFeatureToggle.
This toggle can enable a feature when the current date is between a start and end date.
Also in 1.1.0 all dates must be specified:  dd/MM/yyyy HH:mm:ss


FeatureToggle Now On NuGet

FeatureToggle is now available via NuGet

Just search in NuGet Package Manager for FeatureToggle or in Package Manager Console:

PM> Install-Package FeatureToggle

PM> Install-Package FeatureToggle.WPFExtensions

The NuGet packages are the easiest way to get started, they will create an example feature toggle and app/web.config entries to help you get started.

Project home page: https://github.com/jason-roberts/FeatureToggle/wiki


Introducing FeatureToggle

You can now take a first glance at my new open source project FeatureToggle

It's early days yet and I'm not quite what direction it will take.

The next thing I'd like to upload are some sample projects in WPF, WP7, ASP, etc so as to illustrate how to use FeatureToggle but also to help drive the design from the point of the consumer.

More info of the idea of feature toggle can be found at Martin Fowler's site.